Aaron stands out among a sea of other yoga instructors.  While she makes room for all skill levels (I'm a beginner), she manages to provide opportunities for challenge and growth in a refreshingly non-judgmental environment. I leave the studio feeling stronger, wiser, and more capable than when I entered.  Her music choices are stellar--veering towards indie, her instruction is nuanced yet concrete, and her gentle adjustments have transformed my approach.  Aaron is clearly a passionate and true practitioner, and her technical and spiritual knowledge is evident.  She does not phone it in, allowing the classes to evolve in tone and energy, regularly introducing new music, poses and themes...yet somehow invariably providing exactly what I need in that moment.  Her classes are a gift.

- Liz, Integral Wellness


What is wonderful about Aaron's classes, other than everything, is her pacing and the sequences of the poses. Always, I come away having done more than I thought I could. At the same time I am never exhausted, only energized and invigorated. Week by week, I feel stronger and more confident. Her talks are simple, clear, easy to listen to and good to think about. One has a feeling of focus, seriousness, even sacredness without pomposity.  

- Karen, Playwright,

What is one of the only things that make even thinking about turning an already long 10.5 hour work day into a day where I am out of my home from 7:45am until 9:15pm? Aaron Dias' yoga class is my answer. Her dynamic, deeply thoughtful and creative approach to the art of teaching keeps me coming back week after week. Under her supportive guidance, you will tap into deeper places of your personal practice. Aaron has a special gift for distilling the ancient texts down to their absolute essence, ready for each one of her students to bring a piece of the wisdom off of their mat and out into the rest of their daily lives. Thank you Aaron for showing me each week what true dedication and compassion can look like! 

- Hillary, Yoga Teacher,

Aaron is one of the best yoga instructors I've had. She's prepared, insightful, and finds a way to make each class special. Every time I take a class with Aaron, I know I'm going to walk away feeling energized and somehow changed for the better. She has the best qualities of a teacher working in any discipline (but especially yoga): patience, enthusiasm, kindness, and wisdom. Thanks for being consistently awesome, Aaron!

- Blair, Writer,

Really, nothing I can say would do justice to how much I enjoy Aaron and her classes. Her vinyasa sequences are so thoughtful, challenging, meticulously explained, and complimented with a blend of meditative and energizing songs. Perhaps even more important, it is very clear that Aaron genuinely cares about everyone in her class. Her kindness and openness fosters a sense of community among all yogis present. I keep coming back, not only for the sweaty, unique flow, but also for Aaron's smile, sense of humor, and wholeness she creates within each class.  

   - Sheena, Social Worker,


I was introduced to Aaron's class as a novice and quickly became a regular student. As I have grown in my practice, Yoga has enhanced my performance as an actor and elevated my life as a whole. I am grateful to Aaron for her influence, her class makes the practice accessible and relevant... And the soundtrack is awesome!

- Jon, Actor

Jake Koenig.jpg

I never thought that yoga was a good fit for me until I came to one of Aaron’s classes. I don’t know how she makes each class engaging, challenging and fun--both physically and mentally--but she does, week after week. Additionally, Aaron brings with her a thoughtfulness and wisdom that I had never experienced before, in any class setting. I truly feel as though she is a teacher to me, encouraging me and enabling me to grow. As a health coach myself, I am continually inspired by her lessons and practice and often use her work to influence my own. Since that first class I attended, yoga has become an integrated and awesome part of my life-- and I have Aaron to thank for it.

- Jake, Health Coach and Founder of FitYourSpace,

Aaron's classes combine a deeply meaningful yet accessible Dharma with spot on adjustments, precise language, great music, humor and warmth. No matter how I feel when I arrive, I leave enlivened spiritually and physically. She is a truly wonderful teacher! 

- Betsy, Volunteer Coordinator and Super Mom,

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