Aaron Dias

light, humor, rhythm and good company for your journey

Students are drawn to Aaron's classes for her ability to weave the meditative and philosophical teachings of yoga in with a well-aligned, creative and challenging physical work out.

Aaron's crafted methods of guiding you through breath, movement and yoga concepts creates a space of sincere focus and sweet lightness.  Within that space is an invitation for transformation.  

Aaron teaches asana, dharma and meditation in various settings.  For more info on different types of offerings see below. To schedule an event or a lesson with her email aaron@diasyoga.com.



MEDITATION  Meditation is the practice of listening to reality. Without this ability, our progress will always feel partial and disoriented. Each person must develop their own unique relationship with meditation, which is why Aaron begins her work by listening to you. She cultivates a sacred container for exploration, healing and empowerment, be it in a communal setting or a personal one. Expect to reconnect to your own innate guidance and have Aaron's full support as you develop that subtle but invaluable relationship to your own truth. 

  • One-on-one via phone or Skype: $80/session // email aaron@diasyoga.com to schedule
  • One-on-one in person: $150 // email aaron@diasyoga.com to schedule
  • Meeting the Inner Teacher at Prema Yoga Brooklyn: $20/session, Mondays in March 


GROUP SESSIONS Gather some friends, family or colleagues together and Aaron will customize a yoga session or a ritual for your community. Email aaron@diasyoga.com. 

WORKSHOPS Extended group classes, each with a very specific focus, Aaron's workshops give students an opportunity to dive deeply into one particular component of the yoga practice.  Right now she is teaching a monthly recurring series on THE CHAKRAS at Prema Yoga Brooklyn and a series on THE ELEMENTS at the Shala Ft. Greene. Check her schedule for more info.

RETREATS Retreat asks you to disconnect from the mundane and day-to-day life and take a journey into the extraordinary depths of your inner world.  Aaron guides yoga and meditation sessions and gives plenty of time to be alone.  Expect to return to your life with new energy, insights and enthusiasm for whatever chapters come next.  Check her schedule for more info.